After 8 years as president, Barack Obama leaves office next week to make way for you know who. His two terms in the White House have been influential to say the least  - it's got us thinking about how he has also influenced the art world. 

"While many presidents have been the subject of art (with one—George W. Bush—recently becoming an artist himself), President Barack Obama has been a particularly popular muse for artists. His historic presidency has inspired an outpouring of artworks, from both amateur and established artists..."

Check out some of the wonderful pieces below or read the full article on artsy here


Barack Obama, Occidental College, No. 2, 1980 - Lisa Jack


Barack and Michelle Obama, Chicago, Illinois, 1996 - Mariana Cook


Hope (Obama), 2008 - Shepard Fairey


Barack Obama, The White House, Washington, D.C, 2010 - Mark Seliger