Each year Getty Images produces a visual trend report titled “Creative in Focus". The report defines key trends based on searched of their visual library of photographs. The 6 most popular visual trends are described below with examples taken from the Hornshaw Gallery.

1. Outside In
This trend focuses on the unexpected image – possibly an incongruous mix of objects; a stark contrast to mass media and the mundane.

‘Yellow’ by Daisy Clarke:

2. Divine Living
This trend focuses on a higher form and possibly a more refined way of living. It’s a reaction against mass consumerism in favour of fewer, carefully selected objects.

Wendy Hyde’s ‘Softly Softly’:

3. Extended Human
This trend encapsulates the way technology and machines affect us and the world around us.

Erene della Porta’s ‘Princess Rock and Roll’:

4. Messthetics
‘Messthetics’ produces work that is inspired by the physical - the ugly, unattractive and intense. It is a considered exploration of awkwardness and vulgarity. This aesthetic is about celebrating an extreme, primeval state of being in artwork. The results are beautiful and captivating.

Joanne Coates ‘Liznojan (7)':

5. Silence vs. Noise
Silence vs. Noise is concerned with the idea of time and space. It was inspired by the Minimalist art movements of the 1950s and 60s that promoted abstract refined images as well as a sense of calmness infused artwork.

Barry Andrews ‘The Swaying of the Sea’:

6. Surreality
This sees the mixing of this and the other worldly; and is encapsulated in the work of Alice Lenkiewicz. Strong and beautiful women in surreal surroundings.

Alice Lenkiewicz’s ‘Woman and Moon’: