I went to the Affordable Art Fair earlier in the year, at Battersea Park. It was the first time I had visited. I recently received an emailer informing of another Affordable Art Fair, this time at Hampstead Heath.

I thought to blog about my experience and share them…

Affordable Art Fair

It was very well organised. I bought my ticket on line and received clear instructions of how to get there. What was particularly good was the shuttle bus from Sloane Square tube station to the event (the location of this was clear and well sign-posted.) and it was just as easy getting back to Sloane Square after.

On arriving at the venue, we were ushered into the building and past understated security that checked out tickets. The event itself was good: a considerable number of galleries were exhibiting: a number of London galleries along-side others from throughout the UK. A numbers of Paris based galleries and one from Israel.

What I did notice was that significant numbers of visitors were buying art – a large number queuing to have purchases wrapped and leaving with large carrier bags. I thought that this was a good sign – that the event attracts serious buyers who are able to buy on the spot.

Admittedly I did visit during a week day afternoon – ideally this would be the best time to go, it wasn’t too busy; there were enough visitors to create a buzz and the sales staff were able to talk and take the time to discuss which ever piece of artwork was of interest. And that was something I did like, that they did take the time to engage.