Since summer in England comes as and when it chooses, why not invest in a piece of artwork that reflects the summer theme instead? Bright, vivid colours and striking compositions will enhance any interior space and give you the feeling of summer despite the questionable weather. 

To give you some ideas when selecting summery pieces, we have put together a selection of artwork inspired by the summer theme, all are available from the Hornshaw Gallery:

The Countryside and Pastoral Scenes - Wendy Hyde ‘Walking Through Rape Fields’

Bold and Vivid ColoursSimon Kirk ‘Flourish’

Exotic Reflections - Gerald Shepherd ‘Sculpture in a Pool’

Festivals - Alice Lenkiewicz ‘Solstice Girl’

Nature and Bright Interiors - Daisy Clarke ‘Yellow’

The Seaside - Barry Andrews ‘Crashing to the Shore’

Holiday Season and Relaxation - Beth Pearson ‘All at Sea’


We hope the above artists have given you some summery inspiration for updating your interior design. Do check out our artists page for more wonderful artwork here