‘How to spot the next best thing in art’ is a question often asked.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when addressing the question...

Barry Andrews - Crashing To The ShoreBarry Andrews - Crashing To The Shore

Firstly, I think a viewer or art collector should try and gage the mood of the art market; reading on contemporary art and in particular emerging artists will give a good foundation on the subject and enable the reader to gage the mood on trends, and new talent. It will also give insight into what art will stand the test of time and maintain it’s popularity and value for posterity.

Another factor that I think is worth noting are the artists credentials – it is interesting to see how some artists develop after graduation: within a relatively short space of time they have won prestigious awards and illustrious commissions.

I think in particular of Barry Andrews being commissioned by the Greek government to paint a series of paintings on ancient historical buildings.

Also, Andrew Farmer who has been short-listed for numerous competitions including being short-listed for the Haworth Award at the Mall Galleries (2016).

It is also worth visiting art fairs and in particular graduation shows. You can gage the mood of artists that are already establishing themselves by the number of artworks they have sold at this stage.

It’s also worth reading reviews of art shows in the media and in particular blog articles.

Lastly, buy something that you like and don’t let budget be a set back: it’s worth saving up an amount and buying what you like without having to consider whether you can or can’t afford it. Sometimes that extra bit or collateral to spend can make the difference between an average buy and buying something absolutely spectacular!