Following the Hornshaw Gallery’s coverage and enthusiasm for the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, we have been inspired to have an exhibition of sorts: here is a selection of artworks inspired by the talents seen at the Summer Exhibition. At the Hornshaw Gallery, we are excited by the new talents and enthusiasm of young emerging artists!

Gerald Shepherd ‘Sculpture in A Pool’ - £1,200.00

Simon Kirk ‘Grudge Match’ -  £225.00

John Patrick Egan ‘It was a Graveyard Smash’ - £500.00

Joanne Coates ‘Liznojan (4)’ - £145.00


Barry Andrews ‘Let’s Stay A Bit Longer’ - £850.00

Tom Cringle ‘Brancaster Wind Break’ - £850.00

For further information please contact the Hornshaw Gallery:

Telephone: 020 7175 1579