‘You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones’ - Keith Richards

This was more a celebration of the Rolling Stones than a conventional exhibition. The ‘exhibition’ covered 2 floors and numerous rooms. On entering , you walk into a large dark room with a whole wall covered in screens of varying size showing a variety of film footage of the Stones as a young band, statistics on shows and fans…The overall effect was awe inspiring and set the tone of the show. It is also not surprising that the organisers of their tours also organised this show.

It was slick, well thought out and immaculately coordinated. It looked like a PR exercise celebrating the achievements of the Rolling Stones.

The Hornshaw Gallery has selected a number of works from our collection that are inspired by the dynamism and flamboyance that characterised The Rolling Stones and ‘Exhibitionism’:

Erene Della Porta ‘Princess Rock and Roll’ - £195.00

Simon Kirk ‘Flourish’ - £225.00

Andrew Harrison ‘IP11 (Isometric Project 11)' - £630.00

Beth Pearson ‘Slouch’ - £95.00

Sonya White ‘Untamed’ - £270.00

I read several reviews of this exhibition before visiting. I thought to add a quote from the Telegraph as it best sums up the exhibition as a whole:

"Yet while Exhibitionism won’t tell even the slightly committed Stones fan much they don’t already know, it does provide the most magnificent multi-sensory barrage of Stones “stuff” you’re ever likely to encounter. The fact that it’s designed and lit by the people who do their live shows brings a genuine whiff of the band’s world. " - The Telegraph.