This week’s post celebrates the figure drawings of Miguel Sopena - a talented artist and skilful draughtsman, Miguel has just returned from an artists residency in Finland.

Below is a selection of his drawings complimented by a poem by fellow artist, the wonderful English poet, illustrator and painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. There's more new artwork from Miguel to follow shortly - stay tuned!  

Patroclus II my Miguel Sopena - £150.00

Beauty like hers is genius. Not the call

Of Homer's or of Dante's heart sublime, --

Not Michael's hand furrowing the zones of time, --

Is more with compassed mysteries musical;

Nay, not in Spring's Summer's sweet footfall

More gathered gifts exuberant Life bequeaths

Than doth this sovereign face, whose love-spell breathes

Even from its shadowed contour on the wall.


Helen II by Miguel Sopena - £300.00

As many men are poets in their youth,

But for one sweet-strung soul the wires prolong

Even through all change the indomitable song;

So in likewise the envenomed years, whose tooth

Rends shallower grace with ruin void of truth,

Upon this beauty's power shall wreak no wrong.

Genius In Beauty - Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Andromache II by Miguel Sopena - £150.00

For more details on Miguel Sopena, contact the Hornshaw Gallery:

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