The title ‘In Search of the Absolute’ originates from Jean-Paul Satre’s essay on Giacometti in which the Existential philosopher observed Giacometti’s works of humanity as ‘always meditating between nothingness and being’.

While the artists; Giacometti and Klein contrast stylistically, it can be argued that their intentions were complementary. This exhibition invites the viewer to compare bother artists’ attempts to create work that are refined in their simplicity; yet powerful in their express for the search of universal truth.

In light of the Gagosian Gallery's recent exhibition displaying the works of Alberto Giacometti and Yves Klein, we have put together a list of Hornshaw Gallery artists that encapsulate similar principles: 

Grace Aza-Selinger - ‘Renewal’ (£990.00)

Barry Andrews - ‘Beyond Our Dreams’ (£3,600)

Erene Della Porta - ‘Untitled’ (£195.00)

Amarjeet Kalsi - ‘Follow That Dream’ (£75.00)

 All of the above artworks are available to buy from the Hornshaw Gallery - click here to find out more information.