A couple of weeks back on Trump's first full day as US president, women and men marched in protest around the world in response to his very controversial ideas. "This historic event is thought to be one of the largest global demonstrations ever to take place, the one day of events were estimated to have attracted up to five million people to more than 670 rallies around the world standing up for equality and women’s rights." - (see full article here). 

This got us thinking about women and feminism in the art world. We are all about equality at The Hornshaw Gallery and have some wonderful female and male artists on our site however, we are grateful for the feminist art movement for being able to share a variety of works. "The feminist art movement emerged in the 1960s with women artists taking an interest in how they differed from their male counterparts. It was most prominent in Britain, USA and Germany and has since spread. Feminist artists pointed out that throughout recorded history males have imposed patriarchal social systems in which they have dominated females."

Check out some of the top feminist artists below or read the whole article on Artlyst here.

Tracey Emin


Cindy Sherman



Guerilla Girls 


Barbara Nessim


Judy Chicago