We love stumbling across interesting emerging artists here at The Hornshaw Gallery and equally enjoy sharing our finds with art fans. Since our selection of artists are indeed emerging into the professional art world, we can help you invest at the perfect time! 

This week we'd like to draw your attention to Erene Dellaporta. A fine art graduate who has studied in London and Florence, Italy, Erene's art inspiration "stems predominantly from a love of fairytales and an enthusiasm for cinema, influenced by Oscar Wilde, Brothers Grimm and Luis Bunuel." 

Fascinated by the female body, this theme runs throughout all of her artworks available at The Hornshaw Gallery. "Via humour, accident and control, I explore love, desire and sexuality in women; who may be archetypal, fictitious or known to and posed by myself." 

Since becoming a professional artist, Erene's paintings and drawings have increased by 40% - now's a better time than ever to snap up one of her pieces. See below a few from her collection here at The Hornshaw Gallery or view all of her work here


Princess Mustard Bright Red - £195.00



Princess Green - £195.00


Princess Blue and her Gun - £195.00


For information on buying any of the above artwork or to have a look at what else we have, go to our homepage here or contact us on - telephone: 020 7175 1579, email: info@thehornshawgallery.com.