The theme for this year’s London Biennale is ‘Utopia by Design’. It is intended as a commemoration and celebration of Thomas Moore’s book ‘Utopia’.

This week’s blog is inspired by the Utopian theme, and below is a selection of artworks that the Hornshaw Gallery think best sum this up:

Sonya White ‘Untamed’ - £270.00

Clare Shields ‘Reflections’ - £86.00

Miguel Sopena ‘Helen II’ - £300.00

Barry Andrews ‘Place on Wonder’ - £850.00

Alex Keating ‘Serene Butterfly’ - £60.00

Daisy Clarke ‘The Lake’ - £1,250.00

For further information on these or any other works, please contact the Hornshaw Gallery:

Telephone: 020 7175 1579