Monday night was the Christmas Charity event of Prospect Burma. It was an evening of music held at the Savile Club on Brook Street.

The Savile Club is a private members club situated in the heart of Mayfair, they and their members generously host a number of the charity’s’ events. I have been to several and all have been good fun as well as fulfilling the main aim of raising much needed funds for scholarships for Burmese students.

The evening started with a drinks reception. There were numerous Burmese and people who worked in Burma as well as passionate supporters of Aung San Su Kyi.

When we took our seats we were greeted by a Savile Club member who had known Su Kyi from her youth and while she was a student living in England. We all listened intently as he described the young and always charismatic Su Kyi. It’s always fascinating hearing stories about her and trying to glean something of the person behind the persona. On the occasions I have attended Prospect Burma events I have always made a point of asking anyone who has met her what she is like. All have described her serene persona and yet, at the same time an incredibly strong person behind a calm and dignified veneer.

The evening progressed with a brief speech by a former Prospect Burma scholar who had returned and works as a lawyer advising on business and contributing to the effort to modernise Burma.

Consortium 5, is an ensemble that comprises 5 woodwind musicians. They performed a variety of works: ‘Burmese Pictures’ by Brian Inglis, a traditional Burmese piece called ‘A Hla Kabar Myay’ as well as classical works by Borodin and Telemann.

The second half saw a breath-taking performance by the pianist Nathan Williamson. He held us all spellbound with a piece by Schubert. The emotion and energy he imbued into his playing was staggering, there were times when, if you shut your eyes you lost yourself in the music!

This was a wonderful evening that left all of us relaxed and happy following a wonderful evening.

What I would like to stress in this blog is the importance of this Charity and would like to encourage people to be aware and support it – this isn’t a political organisation, it is a humanitarian one. The funds raised are used to educate young Burmese with skills they can then use on their return to Burma. They gain skills and knowledge on how to implement change that, in the long run will help Burma on the road to change.

Find out about donating to Prospect Burma here