The turning of the new year sees us making resolutions and promises to better ourselves. Regardless of the resolution you commit to make, the goal is to improve your life in the coming year. Now at The Hornshaw Gallery, we can't help you with your personal resolutions, but we can give you some art inspiration for refreshening your walls.

We've put together some wonderful artworks that will improve your home in 2017: 

1. Grace Aza-Selinger ‘Laguna Misteriosa’ - Acrylic on Canvas (£150.00)


2. Andrew Farmer ‘Reclining Nude’ - Drawing (£250.00)

3) Lisa Smith ‘Bite Me’ - Watersoluble Crayon on Cartridge Paper (£245.00)


4) Alice Lenkiewcz 'Charleston Girl' - Acrylic Paint on Canvas (£200.00)



5. Leigh Bagley 'Diamond Red' - Acrylic Ink on Paper (£70.00)


For information on buying any of the above prints or to have a look at what else we have, go to our homepage here or contact us on - telephone: 020 7175 1579, email: