As we write our first blog post of 2017, we'd firstly likely to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope that you are already pencilling in lots of wonderful exhibitions in your brand new diaries. And since you may have seen in the new year last weekend with a kiss, we thought we'd make this week's blog post kiss (lips) related. 

The work of Hornshaw Gallery artist Lisa Smith is very fitting for this week's blog theme - if you're unfamiliar with her glorious work, see what we mean here! Smith's works explores the relationship between photo realism and evoking the senses of the viewer through the depiction of different textural finishes.

We've paired her painting titled 'Irresistible' with an equally irresistible poem. Enjoy! 

Your Lips

Lips sweet as sugar,
how to touch them I linger.
Lips that enslave me with their grandeur,
just to see them near I ponder.

Upper so tender, lower so exquisite
when together makes me avid;
when drenched, they yearn to be perceived;
when arid, they desire to be embraced;

Lips that laugh, lips that smile
with your prongs makes me eye.
Lips that moan, lips that sigh,
takes me to a loathsome high

Within my imprisoned wish I conceive
but laugh at myself at the way they deceive
words your lips whisper, I long to hear
but just memories I have to keep them dear

Lips of love, lips of ire
lips of sweetness, lips on fire
lips of golden heavenly mire
hope they won't leave me in dire.