This week's blog post theme is dreams and it's got us thinking and perhaps, dreaming. We have all dreamt before but have we really thought about what the word dream means? The notion of dreaming is prevalent in popular culture, and a common subject matter in the art world. A dream can be something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time. 

With this definition in mind, we've picked two artworks that both focus on the idea of following your dreams.This week we would like to share with you a wonderful piece called 'Follow That Dream' from digital artist, Amarjeet Kalsi, and a poem from the multi-award winning poet, Jon M.Nelson. 

Always Follow Your Dreams - Jon M.Nelson

Always follow your dreams,
Don't let them fade away.
If you lose sight of your goal,
It will haunt you some day.

Always follow your dreams,
As you shoot for the stars.
Nothing will be out of reach,
If you're willing to go far.

Always follow your dreams,
You just have to believe.
No one can ever stop you,
If you're willing to achieve.

Always follow your dreams,
No matter how silly they appear.
When others push them away,
Just pull your dreams near.